• "Corporate mind reading at it's best. Highly engaging. With disarming charm, wit & humour, Amladi plays the part of the 'conference energiser' to perfection."
    - Conference & Seminars Review

    “The perfect (corporate entertainment) solution…genuinely impressive mind reading experiments along with corporate savviness”
    – Economic Times

  • “He read minds, emotions and managed to completely confound his subjects and mesmerise the audience…his feats were inexplicable”
    – The Hindu

    “Mind-boggling…an act that is truly psychic in proportion…(performed) to the utter astonishment of an unbelieving audience”
    – Times of India

  • “Communicative, energetic and good humoured…Amladi soon had the initially sceptical audience at the edge of their seats…performed a number of acts that had their jaws dropping…(garnered) loud applause and laughter”
    – New Indian Express

    “More than just a corporate mind reader…hit the bulls-eye every time…the audience had their eyes popping”
    – Hindustan Times

  • "Entertains, inspires & educates corporate audiences. Did Amladi deliver? An unqualified YES is the answer...a most impressive display...utterly inexplicable! "
    - Sunday Times

    “His prowess places him above the ordinary, and the ordinary can do little but marvel at the mastery of his mind-blowing feats. Amladi - a master (mentalist) - simply stunned the assembly”
    - The Hindu

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