Known for his exceptional ability to inspire, entertain and mystify, meet your host, Pradip Amladi. Motivational speaker, corporate mentalist, purveyor of mind games…. Pradip is all this and more.

In Mynd Storm, his signature presentation, you will see and participate in engaging interactive experiments that cleverly simulate certain lesser known quirks & oddities, forces & abilities of the adult human mind.

Pradip Amladi lives and works out of Mumbai, India and is a qualified chartered accountant. He comes with many years of work experience at two of India’s largest and most respected corporate houses. He has held senior management positions in both support and line functions, including those of Vice President Group Internal Audit and Vice President Materials.

Mind games are Pradip’s hobby and passion. His presentations are not just entertaining and mind-boggling. They are also warm, insightful and empathetic. Pradip has a strong faith and belief in people. He believes in the dictum ‘we are what we think we are’ and seeks to empower his audiences with confidence and awareness. ‘Mynd Storm’ almost represents his coming of age in the field of inspirational (para) psychological entertainment.
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